UP GP9 B unit question?

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  1. Hello everyone, im in the middle of painting and converting a Proto 2000 GP9 into a UP GP9 B unit. I have already converted the cab with Hitech detail parts and now its time to assemble the railings. How would be the best way to create these? Does anyone out there sale them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Not sure exactly what you're trying to do with the railings. If you've made it into a B-unit, you'll need handrails past the area where the cab used to be. I did some modifications to an older Atlas RS-3, which involved adding some battery boxes on the walkway in front of the cab. I modified the stock plastic handrails (not my favourite material for handrails anyway) by cutting out the handrail part (I did all of the handrails, not just the part that needed to be modified), then drilling out the individual stanchions to accept new handrails bent up from steel music wire. Just thread the stanchions onto the wire, then reinstall them on the unit. For your model, you'll probably require a couple extra stanchions on each side, to support the railing in the area where the cab used to be. I'm not sure if you can order those handrails as a separate item: you may have to find another manufacturer that makes something similar, then modify them to suit. You could also try making the stanchions from brass wire; use a hammer to flatten one end, so that it's easier to wrap around the handrail. Utah Pacific made brass handrail stanchions at one time, although I don't know if these are still available.

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    Steve, I did this to a Proto 2000 GP7 several years ago. I cheated and used the side railings and stanchions from an Athearn GP7. It's pretty easy to do that way. I added a section where the cab was that I cut out of an extra railing with the seam in the middle of a stanchion then I glued the stanchions to the railings and painted them. They're not as prototypical as the original railings but like my ex-girlfriend used to say, "You can't tell the difference from the back of a galloping horse". If I ever learn how to post pictures I'll send you one. You'd like it because it's a Santa Fe zebra stripe. I used Champ decals.:thumb:

    Texas Chief
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    Smokey Valley sells a GP9B conversion kit complete with brass handrails and stanchions. If you know what you are doing, you can make those Smokey Valley handrails look REAL good.

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