UP Centennial 6936

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by trainworm, Mar 22, 2003.

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    you actually can do something with a Botchmann model!

    I decided i needed a decent model of UP 6936 for my railroad and i defiantely didnt want to pay for brass so i decided to hack on one of my Botchmann units. I masked off the yellow portion leaving the roof, then I painted the roof with floquil and added the lightning stripe decals. then i removed the factory number and added the new numbers and the uprr.com decals. as for body modifications, first, I cut off the truck mounted couplers. then I cut up some styrene to fil in the gap in the pilot. then I cut a hole in the pilot just big enough to fit the kadee coupler boxes. after all that had set I drilled holes and added the cut lever and air hoses. then I cut up and bent a brass sun shade to make raised mounting pads for the ditchlights. then I added the grab irons, air conditioner, and antenna. there are still some detail parts to add and some decals to finish, but you get the general idea.

    here is the look I was going for:


    and here is what i got:

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    a few more shots.

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    anudder one

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    and one more for good luck.

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    Great job!

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    Hi Trainworm, by heck I think you did it great job.;)
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    Nice job there Trainworm. :) That is one helluva long loco! :eek:
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    Hi Trainworm, very nice job you did, the "Centennial" was a hugh beast, I remember having one in N-scale years ago.


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