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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- International' started by Canopus, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Recently I've been desperately trying to cast my mind back to watching a TV programme documentary about a railway in Africa (I think) that was still running steam locos. The railway used outside framed Henschels, Alcos and Baldwins, similar in appearance and general layout to D&RGW K-27s.

    These things ran on oil if I remember right, and had to take loads of water along with them just to survive the journey through the desert. The trains were mixed freight, obviously including passenger cars. The locos were quite often double headed, and I think during one part of the programme, one of the steamers developed a mechanical fault and had to be dragged until they reached the next depot, where it was substituted for another loco.

    I'd really like to find out which railway that was so if anyone has any information, please post it! I'll be looking it up myself, and if I come across any more I'll post it here. :thumb:
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    Do you remember the part of Africa? May be it was in Zimbabwe, the National Railway of Zimbabwe (NRZ) still run steam. They run on cape gauge (1067mm), one of the main attractions beside the steam locos is the Victoria Falls Bridge on the Zambia-Bulawayo line. The railway is crossing a gorge very close to the falls.
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    This was quite a while ago. It may not have even been in Africa, my memory of it is very vague.
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    From the description given this sounds like the 750mm gauge Patagonian Railway in Southern Argentina, I do believe I have seen this program.:wave:
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    History also ran an excellent show on the last days of steam in India. Very, very cool, and very sad too to see the end of a way of life. They have preserved some of the unique lines, like the Darjeeling (sp?) tea train, but most of the others are gone.

    Coolest thing about this was I told my grandfather about the show, and he had ridden almost all the trains that were featured. 'Course he did this while commanding supply corps for the British in WWII...

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    That sounds like it might actually be the one I saw. Thanks. :thumb:
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    Okay, it's been more than 8 months, but I just happened on this thread again, and then I remembered something. Your description doesn't sound like anything in India that I know of. A while ago, I found this image: RailPictures.Net Photo » Sandstone Steam 2-8-2 What struck me about it at the time was that I saw a resemblance to a K-27! I didn't think of your search at the time.

    But now I think I've found what you're looking for. Railways of the Far South home page Look under #7, then the next page "1922 locos". 75cm gauge Baldwin and Henschel outside frame 2-8-2s. The Ferrocarril General Roca. RailPictures.Net Photo » Ferrocarriles Argentinos Steam 2-8-2 RailPictures.Net Photo » Ferrocarriles Argentinos Steam 2-8-2 RailPictures.Net Photo » Ferrocarril General Roca Steam 2-8-2 It's only a tourist operation now.
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    Triplex, congratulations on your 1002nd post.:thumb: bounce7:thumb:
    (Okay, so I'm late by a couple!) :oops: I always appreciate your contributions.

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    If you are sure with the Baldwin locos and outside frame I am almost sure that this was in Patagonia: (Argentina)

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