unknown old train metal building

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by munster57, May 24, 2004.

  1. munster57

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    I was wondering if any body could tell me anything about this train item? It has some electrical components in it. door swings open.
    What do you call it? the gauge, approx. age/ the make? anything info would help. total height is 7" to the top of the sign. see attachment
    Thanks alot,

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  2. Fred_M

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    Welcome to the gauge. You forgot the attachment. FRED
  3. munster57

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    unknown building

    Thanks Fred, It's there now.
  4. Ralph

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    I'm guessing its a crossing guard's shelter for an era prior to automatic crossing guard systems. The fella would wait for trains and then signal to drivers to stop. I'll leave the date of manufacture to the collectors but I'd imagine it might be 1930s 40s (?)
    Good luck!
  5. George D

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    That looks like a Lionel, O gauge, crossing watchman's cabin. It had a set of wires that ran to the track and when the train passed over the contacts, the watchman would come out. His hand held a lantern and that arm pivoted at the shoulder so it would move when he shot out of the shack.

    I'm going from memory - I had a new one when I was a kid many years ago. :)

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