Union Pacific Fleet

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    My ultimate goal of this fleet is to make them look like the prototypical ones. I have begun by painting the hand railings white. The step lead edges are next. Here's a few photos of my progress. The Four are: Kato C44-9W, Athearn SD70M, Kato SD70MAC Flare Radiator, Finally Kato SD70ACe.. with few new toys on the way (2xAC4400CW's).

    Next will be weathering, however I am debating on the method of weathering. (airbrushing or pastel chalks) My previous experiences in the HO scale world I used Airbrushing, so I'm new to Pastel Chalks. Can any one give me a few pointers on how to use Pastel Chalks?



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  2. S class

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    smart looking fleet you have there
  3. Trainiac77

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    nice work!
  4. COX 47

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    Looks great!..Nice weathering...Jerry
  5. NSSD80MAC

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    No weathering has been done yet, I will post that soon.


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    those are great. they look like wiskers. what paint are you using?

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