Uncle Sam's Canadian Cousins

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    Hello Everyone---When a railroad such as the Canadian National has an all time roster of over 4,000 steam locomotives,it shouldn't be a surprise that many of them were imported---here's a few that came from south of the border

    USRA Mikes,#3734 and #3736



    Both of these locomotives were detailed and painted by Doctor Wayne---one is a brass import from Key Models while the other is a highly modified Athearn Genesis---even I have trouble making the distinction between the two

    Here's another USRA---this time a Santa Fe type 2-10-2 which started on the Boston and Albany and were bought by the CNR in 1928


    CNR U-3-A #6309,an Alco built Northern started life on the Grand Trunk Western but ended it's career working out of Sarnia Ontario on fast freight service.These locomotives were a common sight in southern Ontario


    Again,thanks to Doctor Wayne for creating these beauties

    Sorry,here's 6309

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    AWESOME engines nutbar:thumb: , THANKS for adding the piece of history with them too, i didn't realize some of the Canadian engines were from US roads.

    :deano: -Deano
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    absolutley beautiful engines nutbar! i also didnt know that the CN had U.S designed locos!--josh
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    Awesome pics Nutbar:thumb::thumb: Keep'm coming

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