UK Card Supplier?

Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by Ikoth, May 2, 2013.

  1. Ikoth

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    Hi all,

    can anyone recommend a good brand (and supplier) of cardstock in the UK? I've tried some generic stuff from PaperCutz and some "Craft UK" card from HobbyCraft, but I've not been impressed with either.

    Suggestions welcome.


  2. paulhbell

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    Tesco used to sell a good quality 160 gsm card, but I haven't seen it in there lately. 120 gsm card and 80 gsm paper, I buy from copycatz.

    Staples was a good place to buy card from, but the store near to me has closed.

    I'd be interested to hear where everyone else gets there card from as well.
  3. Ikoth

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  4. paulhbell

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  5. Psyscape

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    I get almost all of my card from here. Eco Craft

    They do a wide variety of sizes and weights and colours so pretty much fit most needs. As a secondary supplier of card I use Amazon in the UK which has several different grades of card at reasonable prices.

    Eco card is my main supplier though and I've not yet been disappointed with the quality. It's also one of the very few places I can get 1mm card from - who don't mind shipping to my rock. For whatever screwy reason a heck of a lot of suppliers in the UK seem to think I'm in one of the two arctic circles (or possibly in orbit) so "don't ship overseas"... *sigh*

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