U.s.s. Olympia 1898

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    I just posted this on papermodelers forum, so i wanted to post this here to, although this veteren dont need any introduction it will soon be in the bottom of the ocen if they cant find an organization that will fund the restoreation thats badly needed. I built the Olympia from cardstock wood and metal, useing plans i got from www.marylandsilver.com they have a host of plans of ships from all eras of time.I have about 14 sets of plans i got from them all Spanish American warships. The olympia plans were drawn ffrom 3 different scales overal profile hullstations and deck view were all in 1/192 scale the rest was in 1/8th scale ans some in 1/48 scale. I just completed her got tired of seeing her in a protective box to keep harms way, and she needed to be finished so I did, here are the pictures of her as she looked before perticipateing in the Spanish american War. All Buff with White hull

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    Great model of a great ship. I visited the real Olympia in Philadelphia a few years back. It is a treasure, not many ships of that era survive.
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    Beautifull ship...the real deal is in danger of sinking at its dock due to being rusted almost beyond repair. Their debateing whether to scrap her or not. Sad deal! She is absolutely the only ship left from the spanish american war!
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    Fantastic Model!, thanks for sharing.
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    Olympia to move???

    There was an article in the paper in the last week saying that the Olympia may be moved to the San Francisco Bay area. If memory serves, it was built at the Mare Island shipyards near Vallejo, so has a Bay Area connection. Article stated it would be restored and open to the public.
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    Another splendid build from you Skipper - Very nice indeed :thumb: It deserves one of these :goldcup:
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    Very Nice. Are the railings P.E. or paper?

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