U.S.S. Navarone - NCC-2021

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    Here is the U.S.S. Navarone. She is a Larson-class starship. From what I can tell, this is one of the more popular non-canon starships. She's built from Paul McCool's parts (based on Rawen's original designs) with repainted hull registries by me. I actually built the hull a long time ago, so I know I could have done a better job now, but she still came out OK. Also built her before I started taking build pics, but there's nothing special. She's a standard "Rawen" build.

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    This is an interesting design.
    You are doing a GREAT JOB on all of these TOS Starships.

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    Thanks Rhaven. Still have several more in pieces on the desk! I'm starting to feel like the head of a shipyard.:rolleyes:
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    Ever since the heady days of FASA "Star Fleet Battles", I always wanted to see a model of the Larson class bigger than 1/500th scale!!!!!!

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