Two New Kato Mikes = N-Scale

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Wyomingite, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. Wyomingite

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    Hi All,

    Been on a long vacation and catching up on the Gauge. Hope everyone had a fine holiday. My problem is I have two new mikes running on the same line with an interesting switching back and forth operation. The one is pulling eleven cars and the other pulling five cars. Needless to say the one pulling the eleven cars is running way faster the the other. I would like to balance it out to eight to ten cars each. Is using weights the answer or is there another way? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh' has anyone heard how Shane is making out? :confused: Ron
  2. BDC

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    So the engine pulling the heavier load is faster, eh? A few questions:
    1. When you swap the two engines, does the one now pulling the longer consist run faster, or is it the same loco?

    2. Are they the same brand from the same period of production? a new Kato mike and a Concor mike from 1985 will not run at the same speeds.

    3. Are the locos running on the same track when you compare speeds? I have a double loop layout and the outer loop train is always slower because of the number of power hook-ups on the inside loop versus the outer.

    4. Have you placed other locomotives that are similar to each other in front of your cars to test them? If the problem persists, it's in the track. If not, it's in the locos.
  3. Wyomingite

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    Hi BDC,

    These Mikes or brand new Katos bought over the last three months. I did try other engines including concor hudsons, northerns and the all but new model die casting 2-8-0. I also tried the Rivarossi mike which is the fastest engine I have.

    The one that runs the fastest is the one on the outside loop. You mentioned something I think may be the problem. I thing I need more feeders off my bus lines. I did give that a thought but wanted to talk to someone who was more experienced before crawling back under the layout. I'm 62 and getting under there is'nt something these days I like to do more then I haft to. Ha' Ha'

    Thanks a bunch for your input as its always very much appreciated. :eek: Ron :D

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