TVC-15 Apollo 8

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    This is one that I built up 2 years ago, and I'm attaching it to my Greelt 1/48 Saturn V.

    Back when I bought this "kit", there was no existing free SIV, and I still don't regret buying it. However, it was unusually difficult to build for a number of reasons. First, it was all in Japanese, and my Japanese skills are...less than fluent... Also I had trouble finding A4 card stock. I just couldn't find any, not even on ebay, at the time! So I went with A4 photo paper. The matte surface looks good, but that type of paper was a real headache to work with. The usual "super tacky" white glue didn't hold, so I had to use "Goop", which is nice and has some flex, but it sets up much slower. So I had to clamp/support the parts for much longer than usual, and the construction pace really slowed down alot.

    The photo paper was also not good for scoring and folding. If the score was too deep and cut through the hard surface layer of the paper, it created a risk of delaminating the paper along the fold. Always the hard way...

    The kit J2 motor was pretty well done, but I only built about half the detail, as you can see, in comparison to Greelt's J2. There was this matter that I didn't want the best to become the enemy of the good, once again. There comes a point where obsession to detail brings the rate of progress to a dead stop, and I've had this happen to other models before. So at this visible point as you can see, I just told myself, it's going to have to be good enough.

    The command module is printed on a metallic coated paper. That was not easy to work with either, but the effect is pretty cool.

    20160523_231545.jpg 20160523_231638-1.jpg 20160523_231656-1.jpg
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    Fantastic!! These shoud all be full sized pics!!! :)


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    How did you print Capsule that half shiny and half paper?

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