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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by vbrr, Feb 16, 2004.

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    I am going to hook up some Peco PL 10's & PL 10W's (turnout switches) in my layout.(DCC) I am using Peco code 100 Insulfrogs. The power source for the switch motors is 16.5vac, 25va. Why do most of the motors buzz real loud? The turnouts are loose. It seems to be louder one way over the other. On some motors it works perfect, a good solid click. Thanks.
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    I'm not always sure why they buzz; do they throw as well? You may be keeping your finger on the button too long.
    They may not be centered and there is not enough room or too much room at one end. Are you throwing more than one at a time? There may not be enough juice for that, Is it both directions or just one?
    You might want to put a few spikes (or cigar box nails) in at the side of the rails to keep the turnouts from shifting sideways.
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    Y9ou might measure the voltage at the motor, if you have a meter. Perhaps the wiring is dropping some voltage. Long skinny wires?

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