Trying to save Plus Series 2-8-0 Consolidation

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  1. Hello all, I'm a little new to the whole model railroading circuit (and new on here altogether), and I'm at a loss for finding parts. All I know is that Bachmann says they don't make the part I need anymore.

    Nevertheless, I am desperately trying to fix this old Bachmann Plus Series 2-8-0 (I-10sa), #1257 on the cab, Great Northern road name. The same engine was also available in black under the Reading RR with #2019 on the cab (I have that one too). Problem is this: The drive axle on the rearmost wheels cracked and broke from age and use (train is estimated to be about 20-25 years old). I got it secondhand from ebay. The motor runs great, and it's in beautiful cosmetic shape....all I need is a new plastic drive axle and it would be all set to run again. If anyone knows where I can buy this old part, or HAS one (or more) that he/she wants to sell, please let me know. It's a beautiful train, and I'd hate to have to junk it because of a broken plastic part.

    I know these engines are really old, but I love the I-10sa steamers and like having them on my layout. Please, again, any help would be profoundly appreciated.

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    I think the molds for that locomotive were destroyed in a fire. I think that is the reason why Bachmann made the Baldwin 2-8-0 in the Spectrum line. They needed to make new molds for a 2-8-0. You might contact Northwest Shortline. They make repowering kits and gears for a bunch of different locomotives.
  4. Thanks for the help, guys. If all else fails, my brother has a resin-molding kit and may be able to mold a new gear that way (though I don't know how strong it will be). Thanks again
  5. Just wanted to post an update saying that the old Great Northern is back in service again, thanks to a new resin-casted driveaxle. My brother had a kid and we made a mold, and then made a few of our own driveaxle gears. The resin is more brittle than the original plastic, but the piece seems to work well in the locomotive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this lasts a while....

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