Trucks for Rivarossi Passenger Cars

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by E Mo Ry, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. E Mo Ry

    E Mo Ry New Member

    Anyone have a suggestion for replacement trucks for Rivarossi 1930s streamlined passenger cars? Trying to get closer coupling with kadee couplers, i'm trying out Kadee 508 conversion kits as well as the walthers coupler pocket conversion kits (for 85' Hi cube boxcars), and in the process i've wrecked a few sets of trucks :mad:

    Usually reliable walthers catalog doesn't offer a clear suggestion that i can find, would appreciate any help...Thanks.
  2. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    McHenry makes a direct replacement for them which I recently used with great success. Just to their site and I think it even says "Rivarossi Replacement" - I know I found them easily enough.
  3. E Mo Ry

    E Mo Ry New Member

    Thanks, but what McHenry offers is knuckle couplers that can replace the horn hook (X2F) coupler that comes with the Rivarossi passenger cars. I'm looking to replace the trucks on those bad boys, not the couplers (i might try the McHenry couplers, but i'm guessing they are too long to get close coupling of the cars if they are the same length as the horn hook couplers that the Rivarossi's come with.) Anyone else know of a truck that might work here?
  4. CalFlash

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  5. E Mo Ry

    E Mo Ry New Member

    Thanks. I think i found my answer...IHC is selling the passenger cars for $10 each now, I think i'll take your advice and buy a couple for the trucks and the kitbash box. MoPac's, of course...
  6. CalFlash

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    E Mo Ry:

    Didn't realize you were a MP modeler. I've been one for years modeling with a friend when I was in California and now building my own layout here in Florida.
  7. E Mo Ry

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    I model a fictional bridge line not dissimilar from the terminal railway in St. Louis...called the Eastern Missouri Railway. I'll try to post a few pictures here as i can...

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