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  1. Dave R.

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    Bettendorf, arch, Andrews, roller bearing, etc, etc, etc.
    I really do try to research this stuff for myself, as I learn a lot from wandering through the files but time constraints sometimes forces my hand.
    Could someone give me the "101" on this subject. How, when and where are these trucks appropriate.
  2. Triplex

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  3. Dave R.

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    Thanks Triplex, that's a big help.
    What do I need to know about nineteenth century trucks?
  4. Triplex

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    Back then, for freight at least, it was pretty much all archbar trucks. I believe these were normal on tenders and cabooses as well - not sure about passenger cars.
  5. 60103

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    Passenger cars could have trucks with wooden beam side frames and the journal boxes (or the castings that journal boxes move in) bolted to them.
    Arch bar trucks had metal strapping joining the journal boxes to the bit where the bolster and springs were. One of the first tracks developed after the arch bars were outlawed was a casting with an opening so it could sit on the journal boxes from the arch bar trucks.

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