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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ho_scale_rail, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. ho_scale_rail

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    This is a sure enough rookie question but i'm having a problem. I can't figure out how to get the trucks off of my freight cars. There is no kind of screw or anything that looks like it can be removed. All that is there is a platic piece that comes trough the truck and is flattend like a nail to keep the truck on. Do I have to just cut them off? thanks
  2. train1

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    Definately do not cut the bolter pin haed off ! Unless you have some spares.
    If HO is anything like N - you should be able to pull the trucks right off OR take something to gently pry the trucks off. Place whatever you are going to use between the car body and the trucks AS CLOSE TO THE BOLSTER PIN AS POSSIBLE and it should (?) pop off.
    UNLESS you can get the entire bottom off the car and see how the bolster pin is attached.

    Hopefully I am giving the correct advice.
  3. ho_scale_rail

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    I figured it out, the funny thing is. After I posted this I picked up one of my boxcars and the bolster pin and truck just fell off. Apparently the pins are just press fit into the car frame.
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    Unfortunately, the pins will retain their "press", but will eventually lose their "fit". :rolleyes: Looks like it's starting to happen, too. :cry: You can sometimes tighten things up a bit by placing a very small piece of tissue over the hole, then installing the truck, and, finally, pushing the pin into place. Don't leave any excess tissue protruding out of the hole, or it may interfere with how freely the truck pivots.

  5. 60103

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    There are 3 main ways to hold a truck on. You found the sprung pins into the hole. Sometimes the pins are molded onto the truck, other times theres a separate pin.
    Next is a solid pin the pushes into the hole. May also be solid pin glued into hole. :curse:
    Then there's screw/bolt into the car floor (underframe or body).

    If you get an older kit, you may find the special pin that pops into a dress snap.

    Then there's loco trucks...

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