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  1. yellowlynn

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    I want to save a bunch of weed tops for tree armatures. I searched thru the gauge, but I can't seem to find what I know I've seen here someplace. It has to do with glycerin, I think. It makes them not so brittle. I believe it is used with lichen and such. Any help?

  2. SAL Comet

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    That's right Lynn. Glycerin is used to preserve flowers and folage. In short the material to be preserved is allowed to dry slightly, say a day or two. Then it's placed in a solution of 1:1 glycerin and water. It takes a week or so for the material to absorb the glycerin. after which it's removed and allowed to dry in a cool place. Cutting the stem longer than you need and crushing the end will help in absorbing the mix. If you google search "dried flowers" you can probably find some more detailed info.
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    Lynn I wouldn't use the glycerin on tree armatures is it is to keep the foilage "soft", to keep it from drying out in other words. If your tree armatures don't dry out they will bend or lean over. Just make sure the weeds you use are of a 'woody" nature so they will stay firm. If you are going to use wild lichen for bushes I would use the glycerin on it as lichen will turn to dust and crumble after time. However instead of lichen I would recommend products like Woodland Scenics as they are artifical and should last for ever.
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    I'll try that 1:1 ratio and see what happens. The weeds I got before were so brittle that just a bump and you lose a couple limbs. I just want to get them to have at least a little resilience or "give" to them so they won't break to pieces just putting filmy foliage on.

    Thanks for the info, Ireally appreciate it.


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