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  1. iis612

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    Has anyone done business with them? If so, how would you rate them?
    Their last ad showed HO Berkshires starting at $89. I want to know what I am getting into before I throw money at them.

  2. nachoman

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    Years before the internet, I ordered from them over the phone, and had no issues.

  3. ezdays

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    I bought from them once or twice a few years ago, but used the 800# to keep things private and insure that they had what I ordered. No problems, got what I wanted quickly. The only problem is that I'd keep getting emails from them on sales, 99.99999% of which was for HO. I model N, so after about three years of that I finally asked them to take my address off their list. I haven't seen an email from them since.
  4. Dick Elmore

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    :thumb: I have been doing bussiness with them for about 15 years. NONE BETTER!!! They're the least expensive on the market, the fastest shipping, (2 to 3 days to my front door usually), and the largest amount of in stock items. A bit of advise, these people are New Yorkers, if you don't have all the particulars, like manufacturer, part number, ect., and If you order over the phone, don't use the 800 number. These girls don't know a lot about trains but they do know thier inventory. They're always busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest and don't have a lot of time for chit-chat. Second and third place would be M. B. Klein, (, and Toy Train Heaven.

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  6. seanm

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    I looked at their online N-Scale listing for Kato Engines... No road numbers and last updated in 2002? I guess this is not an N-Scale type of place.
  7. csiguy

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    i like dealing with them. they are by far the cheapest and their shipping is fast to. nice folks to deal with to. but like the other guys have said make sure you have the make model and item number available.

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