Trains and Ham Radio?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Feb 20, 2001.

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    Have you ever heard of a Hamfest? What they are swapmets where Ham Radio operators buy, sell, and trade radio equipment. What does have to do with model trains? Well, allot! Ham operators are known to build their own radios and other projects. So there is a need for electronic parts. Sure there is the local Radio Shack. But it is known that Hams, like me, are cheap! [​IMG] Where can you go and get a dozen LED's for a $1.00? How about wire by the mile for a few dollars? I am NOT kidding!

    I have been to many of these Hamfest. You will see "radio nerds", includeing me, walking around with HT's(walkie-talkies). Don't forget the Rock Island Line t-shirt! The grand daddy of all hamfest is in Dayton, Ohio. You can spend all day there and you still wont see a faction of it! Here is a website to help you out for hamfest or techical information.

    Do you live by a Ham? Have you ever experience wiered things going on at home? Heard strange voices? Look around the neighborhood, it could be a Ham. I am a Ham, hence KF4JQD, I have seen this. If I didn't ground my Ham Radio station and the layout, my lights will light with NO power applied! How does this happen? It's called induction. RF is a radio wave produce by a transmitter.The wires under your layout will act as an antenna!!! It will pick up the signal and the light will light! I have done this experiment to so people the dangers of RF power. I held a 6 foot florencant light up in the air. I had someone transmit on my radio with 100 watts.(1500 watts is max). I was like Luke Skywalker out in the yard!

    The reason why I am telling you this. Is the importance of a good ground. This also applies to ALL electrical appilance in your home.

    Is there any Ham Operators on this site? I would like to talk to them on here or on HF. Before I go. I have been asked by Ham's on the air if that is a train running in the back ground!!!!!!!

    Best Regards,

    In the movie, "Frequency". You can't talk back in time but you can talk around the world!
  2. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Great Stuff!!!! Have you ever QSL'd with Wa3IVY?? He's My Cousin... Seeee Yaaaa

    My wife says if I buy One more Train, she'll leave me...
    Gee I'll miss HER!!!! :) -- N Gauger
  3. George

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    You're one of the few hams I've ever met into trains. My father was a ham. Couldn't get me interested beyond listening to foreign broadcasts. Likewise, my efforts to kindle an interest in trains in him were also in vain.

    RF is more hazardous to your health than anyone will admit. When you hear studies results that it's harmless, don't you believe it. You are being lied to.

    Anyone in communications knows it and won't have a cellular phone or eat microwave food because of it. Several years ago I was admiring the wireless communication and throttle system at a clubs open house. The transmitter was attached to a headband with a headset. I was also learning about RF and microwave communication at the same time. Now I think it's a nice concept everyone's better off without. No, I'm not in the Green Party.

    Over exposure (and nobody's certain yet just how much) to RF induces rare blood diseases, rare forms of leukemia and yes crew, brain cancer and tumors. One friend of mine used a cellular for his business to the point it was always in his hand. He developed a tumor on the side of his head he favoured for the phone, had surgery and lived about ten months from the time of diagnosis. When initially diagnosed, the doctor asked;
    "Do you use a cellular telephone?"
    "Yes, all the time."
    "STOP. Do you cook your food in a microwave?"
    "Yes, just about every meal."

    Your little trick with the flourescent is nifty. You can also take the tube under power lines (hydro) and have the same result. And I clearly remember neighbours complaining about the interference on their televisions while my father was calling out to the world. I especially loved it when my mother was trying to watch Merv Griffin!

    Sitting in front of these computer screens isn't good for you either. They told us years ago to sit six feet away from the televison to avoid sterility. What are we doing now, practising online birth control?

    Best advice I can give you all here is to invest in a liquid crystal screen. NO RF There! Turn the cell phone off, AND TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR PANTS. It's just a leash on your life and if it's that important, they'll call back. And lastly, go back to convection cooking, it tastes better and there's less crap in the food. Nuke entrees cost $5-7! It's a major rip-off!

    Now just think of all the money you'll save that you can blow on EVEN MORE TRAINS! [​IMG]

    But I have to admit, I still want that wireless walk around throttle and communication system! [​IMG]

  4. Dave Flinn

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    Just want to add myself to the melee here. I am also a ham (W2CFP), but not as active as I once was. I have no HF equipment, so I guess we can't talk there. I am only on VHF/UHF. I have been into trains and railroading (both model and Prototype) for longer than I have been a ham; but the interest in both has been with me since childhood. Let's see if we can pull all the hams who are also into railroads out of the woodwork here.


    Dave Flinn, Northeast Regional Vice President, NRHS
    National Director, Cornell Chapter, NRHS
    Life Member NMRA, NER, NFR,
    Danbury Railway Museum
  5. N Gauger

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    My turn I guess. .. Back when I was installing CB radios, my cousin (WA3IVY) mentioned they the antennas were dangerous, to get close to, when transmitting. I always wondered about cell phones. We hold the antennas " Right up" against our heads, not a good idea eh???

    My wife says if I buy One more Train, she'll leave me...
    Gee I'll miss HER!!!! :) -- N Gauger
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    Well, I didn't realize that there was an intrest in both feilds! I love both hobbies. I think it would be great to bring as many tain/hams together. However, I would like Everyone to join in!

    Even though the cellar industry says, cell phones are safe." Don't beleive them. The FCC has put power limits on our hand held radios. To those who are Hams. Did you know that the 2 meter band(144MHz - 148MHz) are the resonate frequency to human eyes?! So keep those HT's away from your head!

    In my CB days, people asked my why CBer's could not have ampiifiers? I dared someone to touch my antenna as I was transmiting. OUCH!!! They got a nasty "RF burn". Where they touched the antenna. It was burned.

    Remember, that RF is engery. Just like electrity, you can get hurt. The FCC ask alot of questions when you take your Ham test. As for microwave ovens? Never heard of it, but could be possible.

    I do all the safety things for my ham antennas. The station is grounded and the antennas are high in the air. All this wireless stuff that is coming out is great, but be warned!

  7. George

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    N Gauger, you're absolutely correct about holding the antennae up against your head. Don't do it. You can use a mike built into an earplug, but then the phone is either sitting on your crotch, or tucked into a pocket somewhere up against your body. This could explain the sudden spike in testicular cancer cases.

    I lived
  8. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Glad to hear it George!! I also seem to remember that the name "Radio Shack" came from the fact that "Ham" equipment was almost always out in the yard in a HAM shack. Thereby leaving all that nasty interference separate from the main home.

    My wife says if I buy One more Train, she'll leave me...
    Gee I'll miss HER!!!! :) -- N Gauger
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    i'm a bit of a ham, but not an operator [​IMG] My dad was an operator, thats how i talked to him when i was younger, and he was on the Dew Line. Its amazing how we forget how dangerous things are only because the industry is mass producing it, u think its okay [​IMG] That hamfest is a great idea, thanks. At least i don't have to worry about sterilization i got that fixed [​IMG]

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