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  1. I'm going to chicago next week and I'll be staying in the loop area--sorry I won't be taking amtrak, but I'll be taking the El from Ord to downtown. I've been to Northwestern Station and ridden Metra and the El before, and I'll try to take a trip to Union Station but I would like to know what train stuff is in the loop area in regards to

    Train/Hobby Shops
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    The Pioneer Zephyr is a very early streamline diesel-electric locomotive--it used to sit rusting out in front, now it is indoors and totally restored inside and out--you can go inside and get a close look. MSI is a definite must-stop.

    Most of the hobby shops in Chicago I am familiar with are outside of the Loop, like Des Plaines Hobby and Chicagoland Hobby. Railfanning in Chicago is not hard--it seems like there are trains everywhere, and one thing I encounter every time I go to Chicago is that half the buildings I see in the older parts of the city look straight out of the Walthers catalog!
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    ...maybe they are! :D
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    I was going to suggest the MSI display,but everyone knows about it. If you have the chance to come back in the summer, the National Train Museum in Union IL is a good place to go. They have a web site with live cams, but I can't remember the address. It's about and hour and a half ride northwest of Chicago (approximately half way between Rockford and Chicago.) I don't know of any stores in the city, but my favorite is called Ron's Mundelein Hobbies which is 98% trains of all scales.
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    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder should get you to Illinois Railway Museum.

    Check out Destination Hobby Center in Libertyville......Hey, it's my paycheck!

    Nope,...Mayor Daley wouldn't waste that much money on buildings.:D :D :D

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