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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by stripes, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. stripes

    stripes Member

    I am considering making this Station into a kit. The only change I would make is that instead of brick, it would be all wood siding.
    Please let me know what you think of the building and what/ if any suggestions you have.


  2. Dave Flinn

    Dave Flinn Member

    You asked what we think, so here goes. It's a nice building, overall; but I personally don't care for the upper story -- too "modern." It may appeal to others, though. I'll go along with the wood siding instead of brick, however.
  3. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Is that the original configuration (and cladding - i.e. brick) of the Capreol station? I agree with Dave that the dormer looks too modern for the rest of the building. I personally like brick and stone stations over wood, but wood is not bad either...

  4. stripes

    stripes Member

    train station

    The station was remodeled. I am considering offering it in either wood or brick.
    Depends on cost!
  5. jasbourre

    jasbourre Member

    Someone else from Northern Ontario...
    Just been to your webpage, you have some impresive structures. (I like the birds)
    To answer your question about wood or brick, I like the brick.
  6. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    First, I'm not familiar with the station, or VIA, so I have no idea how sucessful a kit it would be. Are you going to market it as an injection molded plastic?, cast resin?, or laser cut wood? Are you capable of releasing the station as is, and as was?
    Are you going "simple"?, or will this be a craftsman kit? It all makes a difference, where it comes to marketability. You'll get a more valid opinion if you can be more specific.
    Based on what is there now, The primary interest would be from those who model the line. They would want it as is. Those who model the line in an earlier time, would want it as was. For the general population, I think it could go either way, as brick, or wood sided. It is generic enough to fit in most anywhere.
  7. stripes

    stripes Member

    Pete, I plan on making it generic so that it will fit in anybodys layout,(No name, Via is Canada`s passenger system,like Amtrac) regardless of what system they model. I hope to offer it with the option of wood or brick siding. It would be mostly laser cut wood, except the brick sided kit. It will probably be a craftsman kit, and include details such as the lugage cart shown in the picture.Here are 2 more pictures of the front and other side



    So far brick seems to be the one most people like, Also alot do not like the round window!
  8. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I like the building. It looks like it has either solar panels or windows above the entrance door above the porch. The building looks very modern. Is it new construction made to look like an earlier time period, or is it an old station that has been modernized? If it is an old building, I would suggest making it available so that it can be built as is, as was, or changed from brick to wood siding. I guess what I'm thinking of is the AMT 3 in one customising car kits I used to build as a kid. A craftsman type kit will be more pricey compared to a "shake the box" Atlas structure kit, and even though the extra pieces to make it as adaptable as possible will add some cost, that probably isn't as big a factor on a craftsman type kit which has a higher price point to begin with. I also think from a marketing stand point that the more versital the kit is, the bigger your market will be. It looks like the type of small town station that would be at home on any era railroad with the right details.
  9. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    The building doesn't appeal to me, but that's just a matter of personal preferance. It's the dormer with the big round window I dislike. Which will be just what others may like best. However, unless this is a pretty common type structure in the area, I would think there would be few people interested in it. It doesn't seem "railroady" enough to be used in a "generic" fashion. And if there are a good number of people who model this line orlines with the same/simialr structure, I'm sure as others have stated, they will want the model as it is/was.
  10. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    It's well outside my modelling area, but I just might buy one (or two). I like the brick and would like the older look.
  11. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I just thought of something else that may widden the appeal of this station model. If the dormer roof were included with a choice of windows, but the basic model had a solid roof so that leaving the dormer roof off wouldn't show then it would achieve the maximum appeal.
  12. alexander

    alexander Member

    I like it. it looks pretty standard, like somthing you would find anywhere, i like the upper story, the brick doesnt do much for me

    hmmmmm, yeah, its ok
  13. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Keep the brick...Dump the dormer.....Throws the whole building off.

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