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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ocalicreek, Dec 12, 2006.

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    So it's a step forward, but from an unlikely direction...hence, oblique.

    Just a report on where I'm at, that really isn't a part of the thread I had started over in the track planning forum, since it doesn't really relate to track planning as much as room arranging, and I model in HO so here 'tis.

    Over the last week I have blown my hobby money at Home Depot. I purchased two 4' hanging flourescent light kits and a load of track shelf material along with some pre-primed mdf planks. This is going in one corner of the garage where my timesaver will be located as well as all my magazine file boxes (MR, Trains, RMC, Railroad/Railfan, etc).

    I began last night putting up a couple standards to get the look and feel for the height. My wonderful wife purchased for me an early Xmas gift of a stud finder (I told her I already had one...she found me, after all!...heh heh heh :rolleyes: ) which was of great help in, well, locating the studs in the wall. The layout itself is 14" deep and I'm using 18.5" deep shelf brackets which will have an 8' x 3" plank screwed from beneath along the front edge to keep the layout from sliding off and provide a place for drinks, car cards, etc.

    The magazine shelves below will be narrower (or shallower) by half with two planks each. I hope it'll be strong enough...but I am not worried because I'll have six standards all screwed into the studs.

    Needless to say, this puts any other plans for a larger layout on hold for the time being. However, it's a giant step forward in bringing order to the garage chaos and a step closer to setting up my 'train room' out there. My Shifter project has been on my brain lately...so once this area is set up that may be the next project on the workbench.

    Pictures will follow, perhaps tonight after I'm finished...assuming I finish tonight. We'll see. Thanks for reading my rambling.

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    Good for you Galen! Looking forward to some pics when you come up for air. :)
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    Here are two pictures of the latest progress in this area. As you can see the shelving is up (has been for a few weeks). What prompted the pictures now is the lighting - just went up this afternoon. Magazines still need to be sorted and labled and new magazine boxes purchased when next I can get to Ikea.

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    I had been sick since my day off (Friday) until this morning...now I'm at about 85% feeling better. I was bummed because I was stuck at home with no energy to really get up and do anything while I was getting over this miserable cold, and no projects easily accessible to just sit and work on (besides sketching track plans...). A whole weekend wasted! But today I called in to the office this morning only to discover we're having a snow day! So I made some progress afterall, and the night is still young!


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