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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hooknlad, Jul 1, 2005.

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    While browsing through the channel guide on my satelite dish, I happened upon a show called "the train show" . Each week the show displays model Railroaders and their accomplishments. Their web site is WWW.THETRAINSHOW.COM . The show is on the RFD channel on Direct TV and the Dish Network. [​IMG]
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    my girlfriend found this last weekend and we watched it.

    thay had this one were thay would push a coal car on a tip dump. as the loco pushes the next car on the dump. the one befor it rolls down a hill hits a switchback gos up a hill to pass the switch.then rolls back down over the switch and into a yard it was verry cool :D
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    Thanks, RFDTV also has "Trains and Locomotives" on several times a week. Usually they are a "Machines of Iron" tape, They are worth watching as well.
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    I wonder if that was the one on the Amherst MRR? Was it on a module?

    They display and operate it at their annual MRR show in Agawam, MA every Feb.

    Great module, which also has a corrosponding loader on the other end of the layout. I don't know who built it, though.

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