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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by spitfire, Apr 8, 2003.

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    Last night on the chat the subject of train order forms came up and someone (I think it was Dick) asked if anyone had a form 19.

    Here is a link to one

    :D Val
  2. absnut

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    Thanks, Val. I appreciate it.

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    There is one thing wrong with the way tha 19 is written.that is the word coupled. A double header the lead engine was the numbers that would be used.It should read like this.

    To C&E Extra 200 west at Summers.

    Take siding at Summers.Do not proceed untill extra 206 east clears.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very seldom would you see a set time.What if extra 206 didn't show up at say 11:45 am?

    Form 19s was used for instructions and speical movements by train crews. Like:

    To C&E extra 200 Summers
    Do not exceed ten(10) mph between MP231.0 and 231.5 Account broken rail.


    To C&E Extra 200 west.At Summers

    Run number number 2 main from MP230.0 to 235.9 . Do not exceed fifthteen(15) mph.between MP231.0 to 231.7 cross over to #1 main at mp235.9
    Watch for track workers between MP231.0 and 231.7. Use whistle and bell.

    Now you would see time used like this.

    To C&E extra 200west.At Summers.

    You may occupy main number 2 from 12:45 pm to 1:15pm between MP230 and 230.5. Do not proceed beyond signal at MP 230.5. Clear number 2 main no later then 1:15 pm.

    You can see how important and cleary written a form19 had to be.
    Nothing was to be left in question..

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