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    i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make ho scale traffic lights. i notiched that the march 2005 on pelle soeborgs ho scale layout of the up in the mojave desert he had some traffic lights through his town. i think i could use pipe and leds to make it but if somone had an idea it would really help me in my layout building. :confused:
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    Hello ic&e -- first you can start by going to this site to learn about flashing circuits,
    then you can let your mind go wild. Also do a search for Mouser Electronics and there you can buy small (T-1, 3mm) LED's (as well as all the other parts you will need) in red green and yellow. I work in electronics and have checked a million different sites for the best prices on componets and found mouser to be the cheapest.
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    Also you can do a google search for ho scale traffic lights and find several different places that sell them. I must have 200 different bookmarks on hobby supplies of all sorts. Best of luck!!
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    Val -- that is a pretty cool site, I was wondering when someone would start making them instead of me having to make all my own!!!! You did it again you sweet lady!
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    My pleasure Randy!! I have that site bookmarked becuase I want to get some of those one of these days. :D

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    Val I did the same thing tonight. My same thought, someday!!
    Just in case you might be wondering what I do for a living, (from all the different post that I have placed) some people think, no way can he do all that stuff.
    Anyway , here is mine and my brothers new web site, I think that you will like it.
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