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    Lately I've been looking at Japanese traction and model traction alot. I've found a web site with numerous Japanese traction modules. N scale is the norm in Japan because of the high cost of real estate. Dedicated model rooms are rare.

    Manufacturers like Tomix offer plug and play wiring, pre-fab street trackage, pre fab buildings, and pre-fab elevated sections in N scale. Models are focused on the most recent equipment and include trams, EMUs and subway cars, but have limited production runs because the cost of warehousing is prohbitive. Also most Japanese N scale models are 1/150th except Bullet trains which are 1/160th. The track gauge is the same: 9 mm.

    I've yet to see any overhead on a Japanese traction layout, mostly likely because the layouts are not permanent due to space constraints. Analog controls are the norm in Japan.

    There are some very elaborate urban scenes on these pages below.

    T-Trak A La Carte: T-Trak A La Carte

    Impressive scenes: Impressive scenes

    Operating session August 2004: Public operating session in JAM 5

    Today, tram lines are relatively rare in Japan. Hiroshima has the largest network with about 120 cars. Several 3' 6" gauge tram lines remain in operation today. But there are numerous (private railway) interurban lines most of which operate high floor EMUs, many of which are to the Japanese standard gauge of 3'6".

    I will be building an N scale layout with Japanese supplies in the near future and will post photos.
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    In the June 2007 MR , Dauphin Ltd. has an ad for HO Enoshima Electric Railway Type 20 and Type 10 cars:

    HO, models
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    GREAT stuff Bill,

    They sure like traction in Japan!!!!!,
    There are many fine models out there made in Japan.
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    I too like Japanese trains and products. They are much cheaper yet didnt compromise on the quality. I have a few of the their diesel, electric and steam locos, also a few buildings. Since i model modern era, Japanese buildings are the way to go for cities or towns.

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