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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by riss2509, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. riss2509

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    Does anyone know of any track planning sites, with or without plans? Im trying to get ideas for a shelf layout based on the BN / BNSF @ Iowa. Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!
  2. CalFlash

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  3. riss2509

    riss2509 New Member

    The idea im goin with will be based upon the CM&SF design. Im goin to start with small modules, probably a small yard, switching area. Then build upon it, probably 2x4 modules, the first set will be a 12x2 section. 28" or 30" curves, and single main line with sidings. Sievers benchwork for ease of use, and foamboard top. Ive settled on Atlas DCC for power and control. So, in all, in time hoping to start building, thanks for all replies!!!
  4. shortliner

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    Small layout design group is at
    Come and have a look, and note there are two overflow groups for extra files ONLY - you'll find the adresses on the home page
    Shortliner(Co-Moderator) away up here in the Highlands

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