Track Plan advise needed....

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Iron Goat, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Iron Goat

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    Track Plan advice needed....

    I have had my benchwork completed for quite a while, and have just been playing around with various track plans up until now. This one seems to fit my small space the best, but I would really like another person(s) thought's on it.

    I model the GN, and a small feeder operation (Montana Western Ry.) in HO. I used "RR-Track v4.2" software to do the track plan, but was unable to get the outline of the benchwork to "work" right. The distance from the edge of the table to the first line of track is about 5". (Sorry about that... I'll keep working on it !)

    Ever since I built my first HO box car, followed by a Varney "Little Joe" dockside back in 1952... I have been a big fan of John Allen's original "G and D", so I decided to make it the center piece of my layout.

    Please share your opinion's, and ideas.... so I can lay some "permanent" track.

    Thanks.... Bob

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  2. TrainClown

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    I can't help noticing that when the train is on the inner loop, it will have to back out to exit the loop. If you could add 2 more switches and a crossover "X" type crossing, 4 squairs up from the bottom and 7 squairs from the left, in that area. Then this would fix it and your trains would be able to exit the inner loop without having to back up.

    TrainClown ;)
  3. Woodie

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    How big is that area to the right? I note up to four tracks around the edges, and with appropriate radius of the INNER track, it's going to make that area pretty big to work on. I assume you can access it ALL the way round? (i.e. none of it is against a wall). Or are you planning a "pop up" area in the middle that will allow you to access that area?

    My rule of thumb? Have NO AREAS on your layout that are further than arms length WITHOUT leaning over.
  4. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    Woodie and Train Clown... Thanks for the replies.

    Woodie... The area to the right is just under 7' X 7' (and I have less than 3 feet open to the inside of the "L". I have a 24" X 30" pop-up in the benchwork already, knowing that I am "Land Locked" on that section of the layout. My benchwork is 50" tall, so I won't have too much trouble passing under. Sorry, I know that without the benchwork outline it is pretty rough sledding trying to figure things out. The L shaped room is basically the above plan, with the 15 "blocks" in the lower left hand corner removed (The bottom three rows, 5 blocks across to the right) This is the only usuable space I have for a layout... I certainly wish I had more, but faced with that I am using every square ince I can squeeze out of it.

    TrainClown... I saw that I was limited to a one way situation on the inner loop. I will try to apply your suggestions tonight, while I am continuing to work on being able to show the outline of my benchwork. (I have worked with this software program trying to do just that very thing, for over a week, and have not been able to get both the track plan and the benchwork together on the same page). Your "changes" sound like they will certainly work and that will solve one of my major problems with this track plan.

    Thank you both for you input. I have been really draggig my heels on my layout, as from the "git-go" I have seen nothing but problems, and I have solved a lot of them with the help of the good folks on the Gauge and the AMR forums.

    Thanks again... Bob
  5. Iron Goat

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    Just a fast update.... the inner track passes over the second inner track, and that really throws a curve to the suggestion that TrainClown made (although, an excellent idea...) so I am going back to the "drawing board" to see if I can rework the plan, while still holding on to my "original Gorre & Daphetid inner tracks design.

    Thanks again.... Bob
  6. Tileguy

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    Tracks are 2 close together creating some serious sceniking problem area's.The Gorre was designed back in the fifties and track design has come a long way since.
    The spaghetti bowl type layouts while increasing your mainline runs generally cause more poblems than the length is worth.
    You have a lot of corners to hide and its difficult to do with little room for sceniking.
    The gorre's charm came mostly from its structures and detailing.Even JA revamped the layout when he moved.
    If you want mainline length consider a linear walkaround 2 level as a better option.Eliminate the 2 track main look and go for single track with passing sidings for multitrain operation that keeps things interesting especially with the use of Command Control (DCC).Keep your around the walls 2 level layout 24" deep or so except where you run a Helix up to the second level.

    Take a serious look at some of the major operating layouts of today.Many are well thought out and operate exceptionally while being conveniant to work on.
  7. Iron Goat

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    :thumb: Thanks a lot, Tileguy.... you've given me a lot to re-think. I guess I have been caught in sort of a time-warp, as I tore down my layout, and put it in storage when I got orders for my second tour in Viet Nam ( I knew that multiple tours were in store for all career military personnel), and I never "unpacked. I retired for the second time a couple of years ago. I had been reading MR and RMC almost monthly during all those years.... and I guess I have had "target fixation" on building a G & D layout.

    Once again, thanks for the good advice....

  8. shamus

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    Hey Bob,
    Here's the original G & D line which was incorporated into a hugh layout later on by John Allen.


  9. Iron Goat

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    Thanks, Paul... I have a copy of JA's original plan, and had incorporated it into my plan above as the "center area" of the layout.

    Tileguy's comments made me think about whether I would be better off going another direction than the G & D... but still, I don't just want a "flat" layout. The G & D tracks were my only real elevation.

    Comments, anyone ?

  10. jetrock

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    One thing you might consider is simplifying the multiple loops greatly--the yard at left would be the highest elevation, which would descend to the right and around the bend, with the spur tracks at the lower right about halfway down. The mainline could then continue downward with a branch line swinging to the left, below the existing yard, with a loop continuing to the right into a tunnel which could rise up on hidden track in the back to rejoin the mainline in the lower right hand corner.

    It means less of a mainline--but you could have some really dramatic scenery in the center, and utilize a hidden passing track in the tunnel (accessible from the right-hand side--I assume you're planning on right-side access?) for hidden staging.

    If you don't think it would detract from the rest of the layout, a large, dramatic bridge sweeping from the wye to the lower-right area would look pretty nice.
  11. Iron Goat

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    More good input.... thanks jetrock !


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