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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Bob Collins, Jun 17, 2001.

  1. Bob Collins

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    I have two bridge kits that came with 100 gauge track. I am laying 83. There is a "bump" where they join. What is the standard procedure for eliminating the bump please? Is there a track joiner that addresses this problem? Just please don't tell me I have to change the track on the bridge! I guess I would file the end of the 100 track to lessen the abruptness of the connection. Am I on the right track?(no pun intended)


  2. Catt

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    Bob there are rail joiners available to join the two sizes of rail,but at the moment I can't recall who makes them.

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  3. shamus

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    Hi Bob,
    You got it right yourself, your best bet is to replace the code 100 for 83 on the bridge, should pull out. I had an Atlas bridge with 100 on it and pulled them out to replace with code 75 finescale.


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  4. Peirce

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    I believe you might find transition track or joiners in the Atlas catalog. If not there, Walthers should list some. However, I agree with Shamus. For the most reliable operation, it is probably best to change the track.

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  5. Gary Pfeil

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    Bob If you are comfortable with soldering, you can try this: Slip a rail joiner on the code 100, then flatten the other half of the joiner with a pair of pliers. Test fit the code 83 by placing it on top of the flattened joiner, file or shim as required, then solder the code 83 to the joiner, keeping the inside railheads lined up.

  6. George

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    Been there, done it. Last layout I had a trestle that was 83 and I operate in code 100. Shimming and tinkering won't fix it, and transition pieces look strange to the eye telling you "Something isn't just right".

    Shamus and Pierce have driven the spike home. completely change the track or you will always wish you had. Good Luck!

  7. nopoop

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    Bob, good news, Walthers has 6 inch transition track from code 83 to code 100 [​IMG]

    Page 269 of the latest catalog, part number 948-897 for $5.98 [​IMG]


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