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    Ballast Color's

    As read in this forum,the area that you are modeling kind depicts the color of the ballast that you want to use.Here in the northeast,ie. central Pennsylvania,the main color seems tobe a light to medium gray.size wise it looks tobe 3'' minus.
    But I guess I am very lucky,working at one of the largest open pit mines on the east coast,I am fortunate enough that I can go to our various plants and pick up 2 gallon buckets of tailings,for free mind you,and with a little work at home with 4 different sives,I have 4 different sizes of ballast and color to use at my discretion,I try to get a bucket after a hi cal run,since it is so light to dark gray in tones,hi cal is limestone...
    but threw trial and error I find that with the light gray when wetted down and glued turns a medium shade of gray.Ok theres my 2 pennies.
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    YmeBP thanks a lot for that compliment. I am glad it helped you out :D
    Thanks again.

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