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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by DWest, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I am going to try to post some pictures of my latest build - never done it before so this could be a real deal. I sort of stumbled into these things the other night and decided to try to make one. I downloaded a blank template and started in. It was really a lot of fun designing the box and building the toys an enjoyable experience. I am trying to redraw the van to make it look more like a car and plan to build a few more using some of the cars I have raced over the years. Okay here goes the pictures - oh yeah and the

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    I forgot, you can get the blank template by clicking on the "Join us" button or you can download some of the boxes already made by clicking on them
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    That's actually really neat. I have given some toys paper cars to some friends kids, and when they realize their paper, they look puzzled, then they go off and play. Presenting them in a box, even personalized, seem really cool. Great idea and find! Thanks for posting this. :)

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