TOS Cylon Raider

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  1. Could someone PLEASE rework the TOS Cylon Raider? We have sooooo much talent in this fourm that this should be an easy rework for someone considering the models being turned out these days. I have and have built the one that is out there but next to the new reskinned viper it really looks dated wall1 and I want a new one to match the vipers I have. So Can anyone help me please?
  2. Well that was disappointing. Thanks anyways.
  3. sjsquirrel

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    Patience grasshopper!

    Not too patient there are you?

    I actually intend to do this someday. In fact, I have mostly repainted the one available from JLeslie's site (LHVCC) and have modified a few parts, but have not test built it. I was adding additional parts to use for layering too. If you want to test build it I'll send you the files. Beyond that, I do have a good 3D mesh to use to do a whole new one with more detail, but in the meantime this might be better than what was there.

    No promises on when I will get around to doing one of course. Perhaps some other designer will do it first.

  4. Sure always up for beta builds. I will PM ya with my addy.


    PS. You don't remember me do ya:wave: I have never been very patient :p
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    Tos bsg

    I'm work on the BSG model. For a more detail than i find at internet. I plan to finish the CG model, than try to use it to make a paper model. So. Cylon raider are waiting in line. But may years later.

  6. MTK

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    I'm up for a beta as well and willingly offer my assistance in a new build using the mesh that you have. Let me know if I can help.:mrgreen:

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