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    I had asked the manufacture of my DCC set what decoder would plug right into my Athearn FP59PHI loco. Well after 3 emails to them and not even a peep out of them I asked Aethern if they recomended a decoder. They replied the next day and did not have a decoder to recomend. They said there were so many out there that they could not say. They said I should talk to the people who made my DCC.

    I let it set for a couple of weeks. I had read about Tony's on a couple of boards so I thought I would send an email to them and see what they say. Well the next day I got a reply from Tony's. That was on 4/17/2006. I ordered 3 of the decoders and they were in my mail box tonite on the 21st.

    To me that is good service. I am guilty as the next person when it comes to telling every one I know when I get bad service, so I think I should even the scales with some good words about getting good service from Tony's.

  2. webmaster

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    It's always nice to know who the good retailers are.
  3. metalfrog

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    although i have no dcc at the moment tony's have alway's answered my question's re decoder's etc etc.have always heard good thing's about tony's and when the time come's i'll order my nce set from him.two thumb's up for this establishment.terry......
  4. babydot94513

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    Several of us in my model railroad club swear by Tony's Train Exchange and it is nice to see that others get the same great service.


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