Tips on starting a big build?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by wm228, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. wm228

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    Hello everyone.

    It's been a long time since i posted something,it's been busy on work and a loss in the family.
    So after a long time i decided to relieve my mind and come back to this awesome community :D.
    I am plannig to build a Super Star Destroyer and i was wondering if you guys have any tips for me?

    Greetz William
  2. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Make sure that the formers, (if it doesn't have any, make some!) are made with super heavy card stock, even Popsicle sticks, to keep the model from warping. Also, make sure that the first parts you put together are perfectly aligned, and symmetrical, as this will affect the whole model in the end. Also, post a build thread, you will get the best suggestions that way. )
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  3. dnalor

    dnalor Active Member

    When your not such a paper purist....use wood..metal or what you find for the main construction...and go from there with paper. (I do it, for big builds)
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  4. Revell-Fan

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    Dividing the model into sub-structures is also advisable and gives additional strength. The best example is Jan Rükr's Sulaco. It consists of blocks which are glued together, similar to a big 3D puzzle. The result is VERY stable.
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