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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by DeaconF, May 3, 2003.

  1. DeaconF

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    I am a novice to scratchbuilding and to this forum. You guys and gals seem to have all the tricks of the trade so I hesitate posting. However just in case
    1. rust - take a piece of steel wool and put it in a jar with some vinegar. Cover the jar and let it stand. (do not seal the jar) the vinegar breaks down the steel wool and leaves you with a rust color liquid. I have used this stuff with some good results however I have found another use for it.
    This mixture makes a great stain - you end up with a dark maple color on unfinished wood.
    2. My daughter works at a custom framing shop. I asked her what they do with left-over matt board. they turf it. She brought some home and I am now using it for the backing on structures. One thing I found is it doesn't seem to warp as it it laminated . It is usually 2 colors eg. black laminated on white. Another thing is the color - a wide variety of colors. It also has a texture to it which can be used as the finised surface.
    Hope this helps and now I will go and look at some other great stuff on this site.
  2. davidstrains

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    Welcome to the Gauge. These are neat ideas. This should probably be moved to the Tips and Tricks sticky thread:)
  3. K.V.Div

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    Welcome to the Gauge Frank! Please don't hesitate to post tips, ideas, pictures and comments.:)
    Regardless of our skills or time in the hobby, we are all still learning more in one form or another.
    While I use discarded matt board a lot for structure work and bases, The rust idea is a new on on me:cool: and I will have to try it out soon.

  4. Catt

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    I most definately agree that it should be moved to the tips-n-tricks sticky.

    Frank,how about you doing just that or better yet just repost the tip up there.By the way welcome to our little home on the web.
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    Frank...... Welcome to the gauge... Your tip on the steel wool, might just be the stain to use on my new building, was thinking of trying cold tea after seeing my wife use it to darken a strip of material she was sewing on, also that stain could be used to colour wet plaster on new mountains. Thanks for the tip

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