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  1. hoo-t

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    Well, I can no longer say that the 999 is stronger than the 666. I was so impressed what a little cleaning and lube could do that I attacked the 666. Made as big an improvement on it as the 999. Now they're both smooth as glass, and I think they'd pull a prototype!

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    I have inherited 9 BIG boxes of Marx and Lionel trains. While my father in law is still alive he wanted to make it clear they are mine. He has terminal cancer and is probably in the last 6 months of his life. In the next week or so I will be getting a box at a time and discovering all the trains in it. Lots of tinplate and lots of lionel that I don't even begin to have room for. Still, restoring them so that they can be at least shown off will defintely be a blast! 9 boxes of this stuff is like a treasure haul! I'll let you all know what I find as I get into it.

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