Tin Figurines (1930 SA & HJ recasts & Original casts by Gerald43)

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    So as a little gift, Gerald was kind enough to send me a few tin figures. Among them was a set of SA and Hitlerjugend troops, which according to Gerald are recasts from original moulds from 1930s Germany! Considering that I had most of the paint readily available, I decided to try my hand at tin-figure painting with the SA figures first...all I can say is that this is visual proof of why I rely on a vector program to draw my stuff... :oops:

    And Gerald is evidently a REALLY talented sculptor. These models from his series "Captain Retro" were cast from moulds he carved himself, two of which are original designs of his. Seriously, Gerald, you really should sell this stuff! I'm kinda scared to paint Gerald's casts lest I horribly mutilate them :D

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    I've had enough of Nazi stuff though. I don't like it perpetuated. Why someone would bother making tin figures of Nazi propaganda is beyond me. Fast approaching my tolerance for it. I may be there already. Yes, I am. No more Nazi cr@p. This doesn't apply to tanks , airplanes, etc, but this bothers me for some reason. I have deleted the photos for that reason. Contact me by P.M. if you have any questions.
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    You know, I wrote that, then decided not to post it, but did not realize I did. As another member pointed out, it should never be forgotten. Personally, I would prefer that some kind of comment accompany posts of things like this, but now that the cat is out of the bag, I posted my stream of thought, much truth in there, I won't lie( truth as how I feel), but the other side, the keeping the memory alive, is also very important. so I won't remove the post, hoping that this post can explain the previous. Build what you will. Oh, I did delete the pictures. I am sorry, but all those kids were lead to their death. I can post some pictures that will etch in your mind forever. I have never censored anything like that before, but it looked too much like Bazooka Joe leading a Nazi "play" march. Something about those tins really bothered me. There is a reason why those pieces are illegal in Geralds43's country, Germany, as anything with Nazi symbols. I do not think Germans are Nazi's either, and actually speak a bit of German. My gut told me to nip that in the bud, and I did. I meant no offense, but I did find them offensive.

    I love your work Rockemantan. I hope you understand where I am coming from.
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    oh, of course I understand, Zathros. And of course I should probably have put a little disclaimer or message of sorts. Keep in mind that I myself hold beliefs that are far from that of National Socialism, and many which would have made me an enemy of the state. I personally hope that you yourself understand that I too believe that such atrocities should never be forgotten, and when all is said and done, I view such pieces to be relics of a time and place whose values were much different from ours, yet pieces which are a curiosity whose message and moral baggage is extremely heavy.
  5. zathros

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    I think you and me would have lasted about 5 seconds in that regime!! Disclaimers go a long way, and they keep things in context. Thanks, for your dignified response. You may have no idea how much I appreciate it. I hope you do. :)

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