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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by alkcnw, Dec 24, 2003.

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    Heres the age old question that I hope you can help me with!! I have made many layouts in my day mostly freelanced or made up. I finialy made up my mind to do a prototype road as close to the original as possible. I have researched and have pictures for just about all the stations, factories and buisnesses on the line so I can scratch build them to look like the originals. The problem I am having is that the road I want to proto is BORING!!!!!!. It has a double line main which I love, but not to many sidings or buisness to model. It does at least have to yards which is nice. SO if I add to the basic layout to make it more operational and interesting can it still be called a prototype????????????. Sorry to carry on, but Iam starting to loose sleep over this. Can any one please give me thier thoughts on this!:confused: :confused:
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    Why not model your line's future :D

    Or else find one that is interesting :D

    Or else add to it, call it a prototype, and usher out those who harass you about it :D
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    I think the golden rule of model railroading should be "Whatever you do, don't take the fun out of it".
    Sounds like you are headed down that path. :cry:
    It's impossible for me to model accurately my road of choice and fit in what I want the railroad to do in the space I have available. I've decided to model the road as best as I can yet it will be a fictitious subdivision, which allows me great latitude in constructing my town, scenery, etc. It will be "in the spirit of" the prototype. :)
    It's your little world, do what makes you happy. There's enough stress in the 'real' world! :wave:
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    David, Thats what my family has been telling me. Guess I just wanted to hear it from someone else.:D
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    I beg your Pardon??? Boring???
    The CNW and Milwaukee Road in and around Superior wisconsin were quite busy.You couldnt even begin to contend with the amount of traffic just between superior and duluth and all the interchanges with GN,NP,SOO,DM&IR etc etc .The passenger & freight schedule in the early fifties would boggle your mind and bottle up your yard :)
    Look to Superior as a division point and interchange traffic and grain traffic along with general freight and Ore interchange should fill any space you could possibly devote.
    I have some information on the area if you cant find any.
    CNW and MILW hauled alot of Steel out of the Duluth Mill back in the 50's 60's interchanged with the DM&IR .They also hauled Cement from the Atlas Plant.if you need further examples i'd be happy to help where i can.........Have fun.No RR is boring if you dig deep enough :D

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