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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by ctmpwrdcamry, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. ctmpwrdcamry

    ctmpwrdcamry New Member

    I am looking at my layout and trying to plan ahead. currently i am running on loco with no switches on a cheapo power pack. How much would it cost to get a DCC system set up?
  2. SteamerFan

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    depends on how you want it to work. you can get an el-cheapo entry level, bare bone basic set for $75-150, or you can get a well rounded, good for years system for $250-500 or you could shoot for the moon and get Zimo for around $1000-1200.

    Check out Tony's sight for comparrisons:
    I personally have the NCE system and love it, other use Digitrax or lenz and love it, the new MRC Prodigy Advanced seems to be making waves as a new contender, so you may want to look at that one too.

    if they look like they cost to much, figure how much it would cost you to wire, block and power every section of a layout in a conventional DC controled setup and they come out about the same.

    you could always get a bachmann or atlas entry system for now, seeing as you say you have a very basic layout. this woyuld allow you to test things out, and later you could use the basic system for a test circuit and a programming track useage, while your main system works the real deal.
  3. CalFlash

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    I've never seen a good solution to using more than 2 cabs on a DC layout. I never liked rotary switches (and you have to put an SPST in series to avoid problems). My friend had a pushbutton setup like a car radio giving 5 cabs but it was a surplus item and not generally available. DCC allows you to add as many cabs as you want (well within some limits depending on the system).
  4. ctmpwrdcamry

    ctmpwrdcamry New Member

    Thats why i was thinking about DCC. I am ok with wireing to begin with and all that to make the switchs and all the cabs work is just crazy. For now I am going to stay with DC but when i get more than one cab, ill really have to decide on a DCC system.
  5. CalFlash

    CalFlash Member

    I don't how big your layout is, but if you are going to have fairly lengthy wire runs (30' or more) do yourself a favor and twist the buss wires 3 or 4 turns/ft now to avoid potential problems when converting to DCC.
  6. MikeRR

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    can anyone tell me where they might sell open tresltes so my trains run thought them i am builting upper level need to put trestles on angle 4 trains to pass over .
  7. Bikerdad

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    Walthers is the place to start, check out some of these trestle kits that can be kitbashed (i.e. modified). For something of 4 level stacks you almost certainly going to have to do some scratchbuilding as well.
  8. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    You could try your question in a new thread, maybe in the HO (or other appropriate forum) to get more responses.

    Also, the Scratchin' & Bashin' forum has several threads about building trestles.

    Good luck with your project... and welcome to The Gauge! :)


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