These dead are very dead

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by lalo, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. lalo

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    (Personalization of plastic):rolleyes:

    ... :eek: Greetings comrades. I have increased my website a page dedicated to the dramatic model. Death as a natural phenomenon by accident, war or depredation of livestock, is unfortunately a fact of life in this ... our world. And our dioramas, a mirror of our world-wide.
    On that page, the highly personalized modeling and painting, play their vital mission.
    This page is dedicated to the destruction and deaths that occur bombs or wild beasts.
    Material bizarre and tragic dioramas personalized with all their realism.
    (Certain trademarks of figures for children, have shaped horses and soldiers killed or wounded all the realism and drama).
    To view this material, I indicated it ....:
    - Enter my website.
    - Scale 1 / 10.
    - Location: Sección Morbo.
    ------------------------------------------- Jorge.:eek:
  2. fdisk42

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    Interesting site. I really like what you've done there.
  3. lalo

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    .... :thumb: Fdisk42 thank you very much mate. You are free to perjícios and nonsense. Unlike many other colleagues in the modeling of some forums full of prejudice, see this as very bad taste.
    We dioramas of weapons to kill. And those are its effects. Let us be consistent. The reality is the truth. Let men to admit and acknowledge the truth. And we do not want war. But, unfortunately, war is a fact. And war is not necessary for these tragedies occur.
    Sincerely ..... Jorge.:wave:
  4. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Very thoughtful of you to indicate whether the content may be offensive. The dioramas and vignettes are all well thought out and well executed. :thumb:
  5. lalo

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    ... :cry: I have never known school that you say. All I can say .... that everything I do not owe any school. Any technical or has gone out of myself.

    Honestly .... Jorge. :cool:
  6. Gepzo

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    Nicely painted miniatures in the dioramas, and the craftsmanship is apparent. Are these in a museum somewhere?
  7. silveroxide

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    The quote that Millennium has below his remarks is an old joke (broma) school of dumb luck is not a real school, it is just saying that a person is lucky, and does not know it.

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