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  1. shika

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    Variants of VTOLs from

    Russia, UK and USA

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  2. shika

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    Yakolev Yak-38 (Ojimak)

    Developed and operate in Russian Navy in 1976-1991

    They use "lift jet" and "vectored thrust"

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  3. shika

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    The Russian navy wanted more capability of SVTOL from Yak-38.

    So, Yakolev developed Yak-141. They made prototype but never got into
    production line and operated.

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  4. shika

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    British Aerospace
    Royal Navy Sea Harrier

    It was developed from Hawker Siddeley Harrier.
    In Royal service from 1976 - 2006. Enter Falklands war and
    two gulf wars.

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  5. shika

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    [This is plastic model by CafeReo. I can't find AV-8B paper template]

    McDonnell Douglas bought patent of Hawker Siddeley Harrier from
    British Aerospace and develop into AV-8B Harrier.
    Operated in US Marine Crops.

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  6. shika

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    Now, the future of SVTOL

    Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Lightning II. (Ojimak)

    Joint development program by several countries.
    Still under development and schedule to be in serviced by 2016.

    Note: Lockheed Martin partnered with Yakolev and acquired SVTOL technology.

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  7. freddyman

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    very nice work. especialy the f-35 lightning. definatly the U.S workhorce of the future.i never tried ojimaks f-35 but is it possible to give model that creased,stealthy frontal fusalage. it looks kinda round.
  8. warren61

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    Your collection is quite amazing Shika.I always look forward to seeing more of your work.

  9. sandywenda

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    great selection! are these all the same scale?
  10. MilanX3

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    I love this Yak-141...a better alternative than the Anigrand one that comes with a bomber and two other planes. Are all of these 1/144 Ojimak??
  11. shika

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    Yes, they are Ojimak's work. But original scale are varies, 1/70, 1/80, etc.
    The reason I reduce to 1/144 is I've got so many plastic models in this scale.
    So, I try to make paper model at the same scale by either reduce or enlarge the free and available paper model templates from the Internet.
  12. Zathros

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    Lockheed Martin purchased Yakolev's technology, but it is not incorporated. What it has done has show the way not to do it. The Soviets kept great working notes on their failures, and that is worth a lot of money. Having detailed notes on what doesn't work, aerodynamic considerations, all of this was really an amazing buy and contains valuable information. I think there will me far more convention J35's sold than SVTOL models

    Lockheed/Martin has enough SVTOL technology to do this without anyone else's input. There is an extensive history of this in America. The Yakolev aircraft were failures as they used separate take off engines and could carry virtually no missiles or anything else for that matter, and didn't handle all that well. In Afghanistan, they could rarely take of with any armaments, sometimes, even with a reduced fuel load and no armaments, it wold not take off, and the Russians nicknamed it the "Pigeon of Peace". It never engaged in any conflict of merit. They are used a monuments mostly, though they may have a great scrap value for the quality of the materials used. :)
  13. shika

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    Thank you Zathros for the information.
    This is really interesting. The more I learn, I more I love these aircraft. :)
  14. MilanX3

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    Out of the VTOLs, which were your favourite in general? Which was your favourite to build?
  15. shika

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    Dear MilanX3,

    My favorite? Hmmm, could be the jet coz I build them the most.
    The propeller and the biplanes are also in my interested.
    But like Zathros say, I'm building my own miniature Global Air Force. ^ ^

    For now, I'm working on a graphic of Commercial Airline 737-800.
    There are two specific Airliners which fly over my house everyday, so my daughter
    would like me to build these planes for her.

    Fortunately, there are 737-800 paper model available at Paper Replika.
    And unfortunately, I have to redo all the painting. I tried to do it in the computer, so that I don't have to use chemical paint on paper toys for children. ^ ^
  16. MilanX3

    MilanX3 Member you also do jetliners...that will be impressive. There is a chap out of England who makes 1:72 scale vacform jetliners, using pictures of airliners he and his wife saw while travelling for many years...sentimental artists makes the best modellers indeed!

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