The second one in my 'EASY' series

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by wingsbg, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. wingsbg

    wingsbg Member

    Hello friends!

    The second one in my 'EASY' series is on it's way.
    The alpha is alredy done and you can see the presentation page in my site

    The model will be in sale very soon.

  2. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    That's a pretty little jet.

    Looks like the student pilot dinged the wingtips though...<g>
  3. wingsbg

    wingsbg Member

    yes, it's truth.
    She is Yak-130 - trainig combat fighter. It comes to replace L29/39
  4. 46rob

    46rob Member

    Very nice companion to your US Navy Trainer--the T2C Buckeye
  5. wingsbg

    wingsbg Member

    The model is in salle.

    Merry XMas and Happy New Year!!!

  6. furman

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  7. Bowdenja

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  8. Rick Thomson

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  9. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member all fairness I conceed, since a U.S. NAVY planes has aready be modeled.

    You can only have one number 1.:grin: Just kidding.........

    I too would like to see the Tutor also.

  10. wingsbg

    wingsbg Member

    Friends, first again sorry for my bad English, but I hope you'll understand me again.
    So, my EASY series is a class or type of my models. It's truth the first two are training planes, but it isn't my goal or ideia. As I have told to you before I'm continuing to seek my way in card model designing and I'm also seeking for fun in design. I'm so grateful to Chip, whu show me how the simple, not detailed models also be funny and nice. But of course I won't refuse from details - I'll continue to design models like a Helldiver and Hs-129, but slow and with much fun for me - it's meaning fun for you. :)))
    So I'll share with you my design graph for the near future:
    - First I have to do basic design to some glidders for FG
    - I'll continue with Frogfoot - mainly with his external armament. Of course the external weapons will be released for free.
    - I'll continue my EASY series. For now I think the Number 3 be An-14, but I'm not sure yet. When I take hard decision I'll announce it in 'In Design' section in my site. By the way I'm seeking for color scheme for the An-14 - camouflage with russian markings (I'm not sure was it. I have nice one but it is with DDR markings and I wish the plane be with russians ones)
    Another think about my easy series - It won't include only plane. I think the vehiceles like the my free Xara can be classified to this type too. I have a idea to realyse a series of off-road cars in this style too.

    regards to all and I'm really glad you like this easy models.
  11. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member


    Your english is much better then my Bulgarian!

    Please do not take our post wrong..........I LOVE your easy models and I for one am very glad you are doing them. I think others are too from looking at this post. We just notices what were thought was a trend and wanted to be involved in the process. Everybody have their favorite plane!

    I like your models, and will buy them whatever you design. The detailed planes are fantastic, but the easy one are just as fantastic. I enjoy building them very much. The detailed planes are nice, but it can be frustrating when my skills are not up to your designs!

    So just keep on designing and we'll keep on least I will!:grin:

    Thanks Koncho!

  12. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member

    Very beautiful models, Kancho! And thanks for the freebies, too! I can't wait to start building the PBY Catalina! BTW...what's up with the "FREEDOM FOR BULGARIAN MEDICS IN LIBYA"? Just asking because I was a Navy "medic" (thats corpsman for all you land-lubbers) for 20 years...
  13. wingsbg

    wingsbg Member

    About medics - nothing good. Their life is broken, without meaning will be they free.
    ... I wont talk abot it any more, because if I have to continue I'll swear like a trooper ...

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