The portrayal of modelers in the media

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Ralph, Sep 5, 2003.

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    Well I guess we're all in good company:D
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    Here's my view on the subject

    ME TOO :D

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  3. I would say that no matter how we are portrayed, I do not get the you play with trains when people learn of my hobby. Most people recall a family member or friend who too was into trains. My other hobby,homebrewing, gets me pegged as a drunkard with nothing better to do. This is far from the truth and more damaging than you still play with trains. People don't realize how much you can learn from a hobby and have fun at the same time. I am off to bottle some beer then play with my trains.
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    Man - oh- man - you get the best of both worlds! Playing with trains and brewing your own beer!! Does it get any better than that? (Maybe drinking the beer that you've brewed!?)
  5. You hit the nail on the head. A good beer while enjoying your modeling work. Although space and time,2 boys, leave me little for both. My trains come out and go back,fold away, and brew while the wonderful woman who is my wife takes her turn with the boys. I do another hobby that questions my sanity, I am a hockey goalie too. I like my trains because when age takes hockey away, I will have more time and space for the world of model trains.
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    And you play hockey too???? I'm a hockey loving fanatic!

    BTW, hockey season is around the corner.... Go Dallas Stars!!
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    How about the film "Arther" with Dudley Moore. He has a swell train set as a head board on his bed. (I want one!)
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    I've found the ones that mock others tend for the "in" things.
    They do not go with what "calls" to them, but what is passed about
    as what is "cool" by the "cool" people. Who are they anyways?
    Actually that would make things expensive having to change
    "hobbies" every few months. ;)

    Like the other day... It was VERY wet here in SW Florida. Some
    flooding. I saw this person with a decked out Nissan Exterra
    (A fancy 4x4). They drove around a large puddle. My country side
    wanted to tell'em to take the truck back and get one of those
    mobil speedbumps that thump... Cause they didn't deserve that
    vehicle if they weren't gonna use it.
    Instead I revved up my little '02 Ranger, with the Horns on the
    hood, and splashed all kinds of water on'em as I drove straight
    thruogh that "bad" puddle. :rolleyes: ;) :D

    BUT I suppose that's what makes this world interesting...
    Different Views.
  9. N Gauger

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    TC :D :D That's the "Movie" I was talking about! :) When his alarm went off (I think) the trains started running. LOL

    Way Cool!! I'm glad one of us has a good memory! :D :) :eek: :) :D
  10. jawatkins

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    The holidays are around the corner - maybe if you're good, Santa will bring you one:D :D
  11. spitfire

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    HAHAHA - what a great thread.

    I think what model RRing, Rennaisance Faires, stargazing, bird-watching, dungeons and dragons and a host of other COOL hobbies have in common is that they unleash the imagination.

    Those unfortunate people who lack imagination are pretty quick to label those who have it as weird. "You collect stamps? Weird!" To which I reply "You call that weird? You sure don't get out much do you?"

    I'd much rather hear how your layout is coming, or how close Mars will be while chatting around the coffee machine at work than listen to a rehash of last night's episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

    There's weird and there's boring and I know which one I'd rather be!


    PS Judy - GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!
  12. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Way Cool Val!! :) :) I'm in a "rut"!!!!! Lets see -- I get dressed in "Garb" (not a costume) for Renn fairs -- I watch racin'.... Not football -- I Play & Referree Dungeon & Dragons -- I have an Antique car ('72 catalina, not a "real" antique from the 30's or 40's) -- and I have 5 trains running all through my house and 1 at work and 1 in a briefcase.

    I would very much like to hear how close Mars is, or "if somebody saw the meteor shower or "witnessed the Columbia Disaster" (I heard it live on the car radio) than the latest Reality TV show. No I have never watched a single one all the way through and I've watched at least 10 minutes of 3 different ones. :( :( :( I prefer the company of my trains. :)
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    Anyone else see the British comedy "Are You Being Served" episode that aired locally last night? If you follow this series, the department store staff of the clothing dept were temporarliy transferred to the toy dept; at the end of the episode the senior staff member did not want to return to Clothing; he was having too much fun with the model train display (nicely done layout and running at a reasonable speed as well). One of the better media depictions.

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