The Jacobite West Highland

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    Hi Folks:wave:

    Now that I appear to have sorted the picture sending out ,here's one of the Jacobite on West Highland Line, it runs past our house everyday. We live on the main West Hghland line which has the steam train run past twice each day in summer.

    Lets you see what we are trying to indicate.

    We had Harry Potter Hogwarts Express running past for weeks every time they made a new film. But the Express kept setting the hills on fire so they needed a helicopter with bags of water to put the fires out.

    Cheers John & Dougs:)

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  2. Herc Driver

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    Nice picture!
  3. Highlander1

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    Hi There

    Well you didn't create all that overnight What a pleasure to view your pictures.

    The Amtrak comes home picture shows the telegraph wires what did you use they look spot on.

    We tried all sorts of things to get there but haven't progressed past the experimental stage.

    Cheers John & Dougs:thumb:
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    I guess the magic spells didn't quite do the job. :D:D:D
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    Ye Jacobites by name, Tak' the train, Tak' the train!
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    Hi there

    When my kids were small they used to wave at an old granny every day in the summer who stood waving a tea towel at them from the Jacobite train she was the tea lady.

    After a while she started throwing a bag out for them which had sweets in it every Saturday.

    When we have had guests stopping at our house the driver stops at the track side and lets folks get off we are that remote.

    Yes it's wonderful living next to the track. The Station is no more that I have imitated in this next picture. You walk across the track to wait for the train the station name is not real.

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