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    New pictures were uploaded to my layout WEB page:
    Like this one.

    Have a visit.

    The Ferkel Lines

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    The burning fire station

    here is a picture from bird perspektive. (with burned trees and the undertaker arrival.... :mad:

    (The new building of the Match Renovation Corp. HQ is under construction :rolleyes: )

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    I built my latest "equipment" upon the setup I found in the museum in Nevada earlier this year.
    The equipment is (I guess) some kind of ore mill. In the museum it was not complete so I have no idea how did it work.
    On my layout I found an intermediate solution, the steam engine is under repair but the work must be done so the owner hired two cows to turn the millcross which shall destroy the bigger stones (not modelled yet).
    The equipment is animated (clockmotor is under the mill and turns exactly 1 rpm the cross and the two cows and will turn the two milestones in the barell).
    The big wheel is also rotating. The whole microscenery will placed later on my layout.

    Awaiting your comments

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    Wow that is a good idea using the clock motor to animate the scene. Nice thinking!!

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