The days of the steamers

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  1. Seaboard

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    Hi everyone, as a Railfan, and a Model train collector, I post this here for all to see and remember the steamers of the day, and take a look at some of the remaining steam loco’s in service today. I look at the steamers in the museum, and read there history and detail. But that means nothing when I can see them in action for myself. I think of the days when my great grand father took on the days as a mechanic for NYC to keep the steamers running for a while longer. I miss those NYC steamers and those SAL steam engines and nothing can ever be changed. So I found these clips. There not mine but they sure do blow me away every time I watch em’.:thumb: :D

    UP 3985

    UP 844

    SP 4449

    Grand Canyon 29 and 3960

    I hope everyone enjoys these clips.:D If you want to see more just let me know.
    Remember the steam engine’s of the past and thank god that there are survivors running.
  2. CNWman

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    Indeed! Steamers helped make our nation and unite the coasts!:thumb: :D
  3. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Great videos! :thumb:

    I can't get over how small people look up against that UP Steamer.
  4. Seaboard

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    Oh I know it! HOw can you put down such a fine peace of machinery?
  5. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Desel 10 and other steam-hating locomotives cansign1
  6. Seaboard

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    I like the old diesel better. I do railfanning and thats all I see are the new diesel's. They get pretty boring after a while. Except for some occasions.

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