Thanks for the messages everybody! Pics of CSX paint!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Martin23, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Martin23

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    Thanks to everybody for the reassuring messages. I just didn't want anybody to be offended with some of my wording. All you all out there are easy to get along with, and that is what I think makes this forum great! Thanks again!

    Another related matter:

    I forget sometimes that this is an INTERNATIONAL forum, and some of you from other lands are not familiar with the CSX railroad. CSX was formed in the mid-80's from the Chessie System Railroad ("C") and the Seaboard Coast Line railroad ("S"). The "X" is used as kind of a multiplication symbol to show that the Chessie and the Seaboard would be so much better now that they were united into a new system. The Chessie System was sort of a merger of the C&O, B&O, and Western Martryland railroads. Seaboard was kind of the same thing, made up of the old ACL, L&N, and one or two others I am not sure about. Anyway, since there were so many inquiries about the paint schemes, here are links to see the old and new CSX paint schemes.

    OLD -
    NEW -
  2. Gary Pfeil

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    Martin, I tried to view the new scheme but couldn't access. Is address correct?

  3. rockislandmike

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    paste the link into your browser, and substitute the letter 'o' for the number '0' - then it works fine !
  4. Martin23

    Martin23 New Member

    Whoops! Typo!

    Whoops! Made a typo! That second address should be this:


    I guess that is why I teach history and not typing! Thanks for helping me out, guys! ;)
  5. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    Thanks. Now that I've seen the new scheme I can honestly say I don't care. I don't think it's bad, similar to predecessor C&O. The old scheme is more attractive. What I really disliked was the Chessie scheme with the yellow and blue. I imagine the new scheme is a cost cutting measure, same reason the NYC gave up its beautiful (to me) lightning stripes and went to basic black.

  6. Martin23

    Martin23 New Member

    Paint Schemes

    I know this may sound nuts to some of you, but I like the Chessie System colors. I think that they look sharp. I think that a really well-weathered Chessie engine or a brand new Chessie engine right out of the shop both look pretty neat running around a layout.:D :D :D
  7. Bob Collins

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    If you have access to a May 2002 copy of Trains Magazine you will find an article titled "How CSX gor its Name" which explains it in detail.

    Actually, it was never intended that CSX be the name of the rialroad. During the case of the merger, which took many months, there was an effort to come up with a combination of three letters that would give equal credit to both the Chessie and Seaboard. They found that every combination they wanted to use with the CS was already in use. As they went back in front of the ICC they had started using "X" just as a temporary thing, but after some months it caught on with folks so it was made permanent.

    Now is that more than you ever wanted to know:confused: :confused:

    Please keep in mind that this is all being brought to you by someone from west of the Mississippi:rolleyes: :rolleyes: , so you may want to check it all out for yourselves.

  8. 60103

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    Chessie Paint Scheme

    New CSX scheme looks kind of like the one British Railways used for years, but without the arrow of indescision.

    Nobody mentioned that CSX had to letter their stuff CSXT because only private owners could have initials ending in X.

    I have a kind of affection for the Chessie scheme. My wife would encourage me to buy anything with a cat on it.

    Kind of hard for CSX to get a scheme that wasn't reminiscent of some predecessor road. (Warbonnet maybe?)

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