Textile art - a very special hotel in the Schwarzwald

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    Hi, folks!

    Yesterday I saw a report on a very creative artist called "Alraune" on German TV. In Spetember 2013 she bought an old hotel in the Schwarzwald and turned it into something special: Almost everything you see here is made of cotton, wool and sewing needles! She made life-size famous people such as Angela Merkel, Miss Marple, Miss Sophie and his Butler, living room accessories and even food from wool and cotton. The hotel opens on Easter Sunday 2014. A quick google search gave me the link to the hotel:


    Just take a look at the breath-taking pictures, especially at the kitchen scene!



    Source: http://www.tagblatt.de/cms_media/module_bi/658/329200_1_gross_alraune.jpg

    Source: http://db-service.toubiz.de/var/pla...11-1-ger-DE/bilder-schwanen-002_reference.jpg

    The amount of work behind the different items is tremendous and the creativity showcased here is unbelievable. She even made a woolen sewing machine which is sewing - woolen bratwursts!

    Have fun and enjoy!

    RF :)
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    I have seen things like this in the US years ago, but it is always interesting to see them again and that others are making these things.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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