Terrain for Trains N scale layouts??

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by DaytonTrainDude, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. DaytonTrainDude

    DaytonTrainDude New Member

    Hi guys, Im new here so I apologize if someone else has mentioned or asked about this. Does anyone have any experience with Terrain for Trains N-Scale layouts?


    I was looking at this last night and thought it just might be what the doctor ordered to finally get a layout up and running fast. I really don't have the time I'd like to build one from scratch, and I thought this might be a way for me to at least get started quickly.

    Here is a link.


    Thanks for your comments!
    By the way this is a really great forum!
  2. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Hi Traindude. Welcome to The Gauge.
    I have never heard of the Terain for Trains. It must be something new. chanced are that somebody on the Gauge has heard about it so keep trying.
  3. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Welcome to the Gauge Traindude. This is the first I have heard of Terrain for Trains. The prices quoted appear to be very affordable so you wouldn't go wrong trying them.
  4. YakkoWarner

    YakkoWarner Member

    I've seen them at several train shows and they advertise in MR. The ones I have seen were alright, You are basically buying a pre-made terrain (as the name suggests) you will still need to build the supporting benchwork and add scenic materials. The quality of the pices is fairly good and the track plans are an acceptable mix of continuous running with a splash of switching. The main draw-back is the price, I think they run $300 per unit, (the picture you posted is three units).
  5. HuskerN

    HuskerN New Member


    Depending on your size, price, and time parameters, you might consider buying a hollow-core door for the base, and use either flex or sectional track to get trains running quickly. There are many trackplans for this application, and if you budget well, $300 goes a long way. I don't know much about kits, but my opinion would be that you would end up with a nicer layout if you buy individual components and build it to your specs.

  6. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Hi D.T.Dude!
    Welcome to The Gauge!:wave: :)

    I guess if you're in a really big hurry, these 'ready-made' layout forms might be a viable option...

    That said, let me point out a few drawbacks...

    * Cost - I did a little "ballparking" on this TFT site...I took the "High Sierra" module, & ballparked the price based on their price, & their list for the Atlas Snap Track...mind you, I was rounding things up, or down to the nearest $...I came up with $476.00...that's JUST the one 48"x30" scenic form, sectional track, & 3 bridges...The picture you posed above is of 3 of these modules...based on my little cost analysis, what's in the picture would be in the neighborhood of $1400.00! And you still haven't figured in power supply, scenery, structures, not to mention locos & rolling stock.

    * Fitting Things In - For me, build a layout like this would kind of go against the practice of laying out your track, & then fitting in your scenic forms, structures, etc, around it, rather than vice-versa...It seems like you might run into some headaches fitting in some of your track work on these TFT modules.

    * Imagination - I know time is a big factor that has a lot of influence on what we can & can't do with our model railroading...But there is a lot to be said for taking a flat sheet of plywood, or styrofam, or emty benchwork, & with raw materials, your own two hands, imagination & creativity, turning it into a miniature world of your own design!

    I guess if you have the funds to throw down, you could have some fun with these modules. But I'm here to tell ya, building your own can be a blast!
    Remember, model railroading is not as much about the destination, as it is about the journey!:thumb: :)
  7. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    Charlie made some very good points. I'd like to add that as far as cost is concerned, something like any one of those modules can be built from scratch at just a fraction of the cost.

    For example, a sheet of plywood can be purchased for less than $20, depending on the thickness. Add a $7 or $8 of 1/2 inch foam insulation (double or so for 1 inch). Add the cost of some glue and toothpicks (to hold things together), some newspaper and plaster of Paris, and you have pretty much everything you need to build the foundation for a 48" x 30" module. I'm guesstimating around $50 for the whole thing, and you can make it to your own specifications.
  8. billk

    billk Active Member

    It boils down to the common time vs. money vs. skill tradeoffs we all have to make. I imagine you could get one of these up and running in fairly short order, and then spend a lot of time super-detailing it.
  9. Hoghead

    Hoghead Member

    I just ordered one today. I was looking for something simple and easy to do with my kids (3 1/2 and 7) this winter. I will ordered the needed track next week. As for the other things needed, I already have a decent collection of stuff. The only modification will be the mountians will be covered with more trees and underbrush to represent the Eastern USA. The current table I have now for N-scale will be redone for my kids Lionel set.
  10. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    I've seen one of these in a hobby store, it looked really nice when it was all finished. It looks like it will be easy to add on to if you ever want to expand it too.

  11. Another suggestion

    Woodland Scenicsa makes a similar set,
    The 3x6 'Scenic Ridge'


    They sell the base itself for $249, the Track (in atlas track) for $54, and a building set for $110
  12. Hoghead

    Hoghead Member

    I just ordered the track too......my picture taking skills could use some help......when the kids and I get it finished I will try and post some pics.
  13. DaytonTrainDude

    DaytonTrainDude New Member

    That would be great Hoghead!

    Thanks to everyone for your comments! I had no idea I would get so many helpful responses from this topic. I agree wholeheartedly with billk. What it boils down to is a balancing act between money and time. I think this would be a great way to get your trains running fast, than you could spend more time with the super detailing, and maybe add on a custom addition or two.
  14. Hoghead

    Hoghead Member

    I never had much luck with the actual terrain in model building.
    But I have no problem with fine detailing.
  15. jamesww551

    jamesww551 New Member

    Terrain for Trains

    I purchased the high sierra about 3 years ago, installed the track as suggested (but used several sections of flex track) and it runs very well. I am now looking at adding another section (Smoky Hollow) to this by taking that part and turning it around 180 degrees and with very little modification, it will fit. The product is great and can help anyone in the basic stages of N scale.
  16. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    I always thought the terrain for train sets were a bit overpriced for what they were. You get a lot more with the Woodland Scenics Kit. Of course, that takes more work and dedication as well. I guess it depends on how much time you want to put into your layout.
  17. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    And let me be the first to say... Welcome aboard!

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