tender wheel pickups for Proto Heritage 0-8-0

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Jon Grant, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant Member

    I got some tender wheel pickups made last night to improve the electrical contact on my otherwise brilliant model.

    I soundchipped mine a while back and was disappointed that the sound would cut out when the loco passed over most turnouts or dirty track, even though the point frogs had DPDT switches fitted.

    All that is cured now and the loco runs as well as it looks now. I made the contacts from spring steel wire, soldered to short lengths of decoder wire, which were passed through the holes already provided.

    I then linked up these wires to the 8-pin DCC connector and 'Hey Presto' - much better electrical contact.



    The contacts are all but invisible from the side.


  2. NYC-BKO

    NYC-BKO Member

    Very nice Jon,

    Thanks for the pics and the idea!-:thumb: :thumb:
  3. Isambard

    Isambard Member

    Jon, thanks for the excellent photos. I intend to apply your solution to my Proto 0-8-0, as it frequently hesitates when going over switches. I also intend to install a decoder. Several questions:
    Do you have a photo of the internal wiring, showing how you wired into the eight pin connector while at the same time accomodating the decoder plug (in or wiring)? What decoder did you install?
    What gauge or diameter spring steel wire did you use and how did you secure it to the truck cross beams?

  4. hd8091

    hd8091 Member

    Good Stuff but I also would appreciate a scematic showing where you hooked to.Did you hook directly to the 8 pin or solder on to a wire coming from it via a splice?"Thanks for the help I have two of these I'm trying to sort out.
    Cheers, Tom
  5. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant Member

    Tom, the 4 wires from the wheel pickups were paired off and spliced to the red and black wires leading to the 8-pin socked. These were then covered using heat-shrink tubing - invaluable for all DCC electrics.

    NB make sure to attach paired off wires to the same side wire from the drivers.

    Pics to follow soon

  6. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    I too own a Heritage 0-8-0 and was surprised to see that you (and others) are having trouble with electrical pick-up. I run mine on DCC, and it's the best runner in my roster of very good locos. I suspect your problem lies elsewhere...Dirty track. We all know dirty track is our trains' most troublesome enemy. I've spent many years trying to solve this grimmy problem, and have come up with a surprisingly simple solution. "Don't let the track get dirty in the first place...!!!" To that end I've devised a little item which is being offered on ebay at a great price, and will do what it's meant to do...Keep your track clean. Search for HO TRACK GUARD and it will take you right to it. Read the comments, and feedback, and try it out. You won't regret it!
  7. hd8091

    hd8091 Member

    Thanks for the info I am looking forward to the pictures.I just didn't want to fry a decoder, I'm an electrical novice but willing to learn.
  8. hd8091

    hd8091 Member

    Thanks for the information, that is just what I needed! That is what I thought but I did'nt want to fry a decoder. I will admit I'm an electrical novice with this. i am looking forward to the pictures.

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